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In honor of our patron saint, Expeditus, we have launched a new program.

Here’s how it works:

Buy one of the pieces in this special collection and name your price.

If the price is accepted, then you not only get a really good deal on one of our works-of-art, you will also get to choose a worthy, appropriate organization that will benefit not just from this purchase, but also from future purchases on our site (by anyone) for a full year.

We will donate 10% of the purchase price on each in our entire store listed under that saint’s name.
(e.g., purchases by anyone, of anything, depicting St. Gertrude will generate donations for a full year after you have made your WINWINWIN selection.)

So...the winning bidder gets a good deal on one of our original pieces. They also get to choose a worthy cause to receive 10% of the purchase price of any pieces related to that saint on that saint’s pages.
The organization not only gets donations from this site, but also publicity as the featured “Cause to Consider“
We generate more buzz/income for our art.

The worthy cause will get a presentation certificate (saying that it’s from you) to post on wall and/or website and a featured, direct link from the saint’s page. (See example below.)


Click here to read more details 
and “the fine print.”

We will be adding pieces until all of our saints are associated with a cause. We welcome your suggestions.

If there is a piece you would like to substitute, just let us know, it’s a definite possibility.


Coming soon: Famous Procrastinators
(Leonardo was one of the best)