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December 12: The weather is balmy here – in the 60s!!! I hauled most of my tropical plants back outside to enjoy a few more days…but the ones shown here are in for the winter. (The Christmas cactus and Night-Blooming Cereus are heirlooms and over 100 years old. The cactus blooms profusely from Advent through Easter – it’s just getting going now.)
monarchAugust 14:
A Monarch on the hydrangea!
I know that anyone reading this post is familiar with the plight of the monarchs…
It’s been so sad to see their numbers decline each year in my garden. I hope this is the first of many…

When we lived near Detroit, we loved to go to Point Pelee (Ontario) to see them gather along the shore.

Flight Behavior is one of my favorite books, by one of my favorite authors, Barbara Kingsolver.

 Click here for a place to get free milkweed seeds & plants and help save these beautiful creatures.
Pam Kirkham launched her Fight or Flight series of paintings with an exhibition at the Buchanan Art Center July 24.







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