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About the imagery: Catherine sits at her desk, writing. Behind her is a lily (for purity), a book (for scholarship), and a lectern (for oratory skills). An Egyptian cat (symbolizing independence) sits in front of a window showing the famous lighthouse of Alexandria (one of the world's “Seven Wonders”), symbolizing enlightenment.

Catherine is framed by a circle, symbolizing the infamous wheel. A border is formed by lotus flowers, the Egyptian symbols of rebirth. On the right are hieroglyphs depicting a bee (for industry), an owl for wisdom, and the scales of justice.

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For much more information about St. Catherine, see her page at Saints Preserved.

Also see Genesius, and Ivo who are also patrons of lawyers (and actors).

Catherine of Alexandria
Feast Day: November 25

Patron Saint of attorneys, barristers, educators, jurists, lawyers, librarians, mechanics, millers, philosophers, potters, preachers, scholars, secretaries, spinners, stenographers, students, teachers, theologians, unmarried women

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Actual size: 5½" x 7½" x ¾" thick

The image at left is of a finished, mounted piece.
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