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NOTE: I have posted some of my own comments below, but they are not the responses given to the people who wrote.

Hi There
Greetings from Australia :o)
Your pieces are absolutely beautiful and so unusual! I was wondering if it would be possible to have a piece sent to Australia. I am interested in the St Brigid pendant #403, but was wondering if I could have her 'cross' incorporated somehow...perhaps on the reverse side, as in some of the other pieces such as #107, or even a small one hanging freely from the bottom as in #401.
I would leave it up to your judgement as to whether it would look too 'busy' or not, as I would still love to have the harp and carnelians. I love it as it is really, but just think the cross would bring all aspects together for me.
I have made enquiries about the regular silver or gold charms from jewellers in Ireland, but seeing your pieces has just blown me away....much more my rustic style.
I am a healer and hypnotherapist and have always been drawn to St Brigid, long before I knew she was the patron saint of healers.....
Cheers, Joy, Australia
Every once in a while we have the opportunity to come to own a piece of art that makes us feel . . . something. My Saint Roch anachron arrived today and it made me feel . . . good. Patricia has taken Saint Roch and made him available to me. During my Catholic upbringing, Saints were always just out of hand. Well, through Patricia and Saints Preserved, Saint Roch is working his special magic right here in my own home. My dogs, both here and those in spirit are protected. The spirit tags are beautiful and such a step up from the usual, dog-bone, ID tag. No detail has been left unattended. Thank you for your fine attention to detail ---- Elise, PA  
Hi there!
Love your website--I fell on your website while searching for prayers for my cat who had gotten caught in a trap. She is now at the vet and has undergone an amputation.
However, I am writing to ask if you have any plans to make an icon of St. Isadore the farmer. My 86-year-old father passed away almost a year ago--he was born on May 15, the feast of St. Isadore, and had farmed all of his life. Your work is absolutely stunning, and I would love to have an icon of St. Isadore!
Thanks for your consideration,

St. Isadore is moving to the top of my to-do list.


...i am very satisfied with the spirit stones and the artwork...thank you for you timely delivery. i am very well pleased. JN, AZ  
...the St Columcille pendant that I purchased in April is so lovely: I strung the piece with copper-hued pearls. I receive lots of positive comments when I wear it! If you have any business cards that you can send with the St Gobnait anachron, I'd like to hand them out. I wore the necklace when I went to Iona in May.
I did have one question: the pendant featured a slightly different scene that what is in the anachron: the Abbey isn't in back of Oran's chapel in this pendant and there's a beautiful sun over St Columcille. Do you have two designs of this particular anachron? They are both wonderful.
I continue to enjoy immensely the Brighid anachron as well.
Blessings upon you, your work and this weekend--hopefully there will be rest and recreation, too!

Rwth, MS
Patricia, absolutly breath taking work. It was far more beautiful then what I was hoping for. You do wonderful work. I hope to do business with you again sometime in the near future!
Thank you!
BobbieSue, MN
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I am sure my Mom will love it. I really appreciate the extra work you did to make this Mother's day extra special for my Mom.
Brenda, CA 
I got the package, and everything was lovely! You put such care and effort in to the presentation. I gave the blue glass pendant to my friend, who does cat rescue, and she was impressed also. Thank you for doing what you do, and giving an outlet to those of us who need the comfort...and inspiration! Sincerely, Vesta, NY  
Just wanted to let you know the St Genesius pendant with flying hawk arrived today. It is Beautiful!
Thank you so much for taking the time and care to make it so.
I know my niece will cherish it as she progresses through her 3 years at
USC in the theater program.
With Best Wishes!
Dolores, AZ
I want to use the tiles in my kitchen because not only do I personally love the art and what they symbolize, but I feel a connection to all the others around the world who have your pieces...
Gail, OH
Hi Pat!
Both the pendant and the anachron arrived yesterday...they are wonderful!
Michael, NJ
Dear Pat,
My shipment arrived today. Everything is perfect. The Brighid necklace with the ladybug charm you added in memory of my husband, will literally warm my heart. Thank you for all the care and prayer you put into making it.
Lyn, WI
Hi Pat, Michael's pendant came the other day and it is beautiful! Thank you so much for sending it, he loved the pouch and scroll (he's 10) and of course the actual pendant. He wears it all the time.
Trina, MD
I love it and thank you so much for the St. Francis tile, that will also be included in the auction. I will be adding you to our donor board. I think these two items are going to be a big hit with our supporters.

Letty, Animal Rescue League, TX
Got Brigid Tuesday! LOVE HER! LOVE HER BAG 'O SWAG! Megan's gonna love her too!

Terri, TX
I have just discovered your website and I am in awe of your work. St. Francis has always been my favorite saint. I would like to order the St. Francis #102 pendant. Your website says that it has been sold but you can make a similar pendant. I hope this is possible.
Before I ordered, I wanted to make sure a similar pendant could be made.
Thank you so much for your beautiful work.
I am recommending your website to friends and family.

Chris, MO
Always happy to customize.

Dear Patricia, just to let you know the 'Ita Anachron' landed on Saturday. It is beautiful and I know that my twin will love it. I am delighted with it. Best wishes for Christmas & the New Year.
Many thanks,
Orla, Ireland
I wanted to say first and foremost that your products are absolutely beautiful! I have never seen such gorgeous and creative religious gifts. I was looking for a product for my grandmother for the holidays and I was interested in the Archangel Michael Brooch #107. It says that you are sold out, but I wasn't sure if you could perhaps use the image that can be found in your Archangel Michael Pendant #204 instead, to make the brooch. Thanks so much.
Stephanie, DE
Always happy to customize, as long as you're not in a hurry!

First, let me say the pieces are all beautiful. I've been checking off and on over a couple of years now hoping you would add St. Jude. Is there any hope for that?
Ironic tha Jude is patron of lost causes! He is on my list, but still not at the top.

I want you to know that I appreciate the care and love with which you have presented [St. Fiacre] and I respond to the pieces very personally and deeply. I love the references to art history, icons, gardening amd literature and just love the aesthetic of the piece....
M, Hamilton OH
Received Priscilla's tag in the mail Saturday and WOW! it's going to be hard to find the words to describe what a beautiful job you did with everything, but here goes: From the packaging to the scroll, prayer card and muslin bag to the tag itself -- SUPERB quality. Excellent, expedient service as well (big companies should deliver their products so fast). Exceeded my expectations. I know getting her name on the back was a challenge, but it is PERFECT. You are a wonderful artist. Please continue the superior work. I know a lot of care goes into your art and, believe me, it means everything to those who receive it. I immediately put the tag on Priscilla and she looks great with it on...DM, Palm Springs FL (picture to come)
My St. Brigid's pendant arrived today, and I absolutely love her likeness portrayed here. Amazing detailed work, I am overwhelmed to the point where words fail to express my gratitude for such a lovely gift that you have given to the world. Thank you so much.-Lisa, Longmont CO  
  Can't believe how quickly it got here - it is just stunning! I'm so appreciative of the beauty of the work, and of the wonderful presentation, the scroll, cards and the little pouches. Thank you so much! May Brigid guide and bless you in all of your endeavors.

Many Bright Blessings to You,
Pleasant greetings to you!
I have just discovered your site and feel as though I've struck gold! I adore your artwork and will be placing an order with you as soon as I can narrow down what I want. No easy task!
I wanted to ask permission to write about Patriarts and include an image from your site on my blog: to share your beautiful work with others in my circle. I will also provide a link to your home page. Please advise on any image that I may include with my short article.
Thank you for your time and God's Blessings to you always~
Amy L. Thornton
"....I am...a CPT and company commander, and am currently stationed in Tikrit, Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Yesterday, I got a package from my husband, and he included the Spirit Tag and scroll. It was so cool that I showed it to most of my soldiers, who now want their own. How can I order a batch for my company (I have 46 soldiers)? They are so neat that I foresee more commanders requesting them. I've already had another commander from a National Guard unit attached to us ask for your website, which I gave her. Thank you so much...." RR, Tikrit, Iraq  
  Many thanks to this patron who sent photos of his beautiful garden>

Recieved St. Fiacre recently. Showed it and your packing box to garden helper. She said "they are our kind of people." Spring Lake, Michigan
see photos

As you have probably seen by the repeat orders, your pieces were excitedly received. My sister in law and brother loved St. Brigid, and had me order St. Roch and St. Gertrude for them. My daughter Johanna had to have St. Roch and St. Expeditus and I had to have St. Fiacre. Your work is lovely....
San Antonio Texas


I got Brigid and Roch yesterday and am very pleased with them. Even my husband remarked on how nice they are and how well packaged. Tijeras, New Mexico  Back to Top

 Brendan is just as beautiful as Bridgid, your art has really made my altar absolutely fabulous!! Bensalem PA  

Hi Pat. I received the sculpture I ordered and think
it's wonderful.
Edmond OK


I just wanted to say what a blessing it was to receive your beautiful package...I got it on Thursday and opened it in the mailroom and had to show everyone... New York NY  

GORGEOUS! I have never received and opened such a nice package. The sculpture itself is magnificent. We both love it. The attention to detail is extraordinary...The wax seal on the back and the signature (is that on copper leaf?) is such a great touch. We love the scroll, too. I am going to have it framed for him...BUT........what I want to make special note of is the fragrance of the package. What a splendid touch. Even Bud (who does not notice those details) made several comments about the dried plants and how wonderful the package smelled. What a wonderful and thoughtful added touch for your customers... I just can't say enough about your work. We are so pleased. I look forward to future purchases with you. Greensboro, NC  




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