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 One of the nicest aspects of this venture has been "meeting" some wonderful, interesting people - my "patrons." So many people have taken the time to write or call, that I am truly humbled. I wish I had the time and space to include them all, but here are a few.

Out of respect for their privacy, I won't give their names, but I imagine they'd be happy to contact you with verification. I promise I didn't make them up. Actually, I've been hesitant to include some of them because I don't want to raise expectations, and I know I can't please everyone every time.

We operate on a simple business principal: do unto others as we would have them do unto us. I think that explains it.

From New York to New Zealand, Washington DC to Washington State, Portland, Oregon to Portugal....Tulsa to Tikrit

It's so gratifying to know that my pieces are going to such good homes!

    NOTE: I have posted some of my own comments below, but they are not the responses given to the people who wrote.

  I'm pasting below my friend Ellise's reaction to getting the St. Roch package in memory of her dog Anniebear:

So.. I want you to know that I couldn't even see, couldn't even see the words...because my eyes wouldn't stop crying when I opened your beautifulpackage...I am so touched, and feel so loved, and so, so fortunate in so many ways. My tender heart sighed and I felt it began to smile as I put on the Anniebear tag...I am wearing it now and you and Anniebear are in my heart...thank you so much, so, so much for this gift. Since I am wearing thetag, I'm going to let X decide where we should put the lovely stone. What amazing people to make these....I had no idea.

She's in Thailand now riding elephants and sleeping in a five-start treehouse tent for a magazine story -- wearing her spirit tag. So you can feel great about that.

Dana, TX

I have ordered a St. Genesius plaque that I would like to give as a gift to someone when I go see him in a play next weekend....Your products are absolutely gorgeous, by the way. Are they carried in any gift shops in the Dallas, TX area?
Susan, Dallas TX
We're working on making our pieces available to retail shops right now. -pb 9.5.08
I love these tags [St. Roch]. They are SO beautiful. Can't wait to get them on the boys. Dulce, NY  
Thanks, Pat, for making this so easy for me. I have a feeling Iíll be coming back often. I love your stuff! Regarding your Web site, I didnít find out until after I placed the order that you are the artist. Wow! And every time I click on something, I learn more about you, ha ha. Please keep me posted on anything new that you create for either St. Francis or St. Roche. Nancy, CA  
Ms. Banker,
I am writing you just to let you know how much I appreciate your work. I came across it at Mt. Angel Abbey, where I bought a St. Brigid pendant of yours. Everybody who sees it comments on its beauty. I love the traditional and delicate style you use, as well as the many symbols you incorporate into the anachrons. It sometimes seems to me that all the world is modern things, and I appreciate your artwork because it honors the traditional, though you use cutting-edge techniques.

When I have a bit more money, I will buy some more of your pieces, but I wanted to tell you how beautiful your anachrons areóluminous, detailed, jewel-like. Your interpretation of the Celtic saints and folkloric/historical figures is magnificent. It is so nice to find an artist who is careful in research, who honors the traditional, and creates works of beauty.

If I were an artist (which I definitely am not!) I would probably make things rather like yours; my sense of beauty seems to be similar to that which shows in your work. I think our world is hungry for such beauty.

All the best in your continuing artistic work. You have inspired me with that which you create, and others as well.

All the best,

Cameron, WA
Hi Pat,
I received Gertrude today, and she is beautiful. I'll give her a good home. Thanks!
Gordon, Seattle WA
I received [the Bridget necklace] yesterday. It is very beautiful. I know it will be veru special to her. Thank you, Margaret, VA  
We live in Maryland, but at the moment we are in Australia visiting our children and grandchildren. Yesterday we took a tour of Hunter Valley Wineries (NSW, west of Newcastle), and when we visited the chapel in the village mall, found a copy of your painting "San Vincent of Zaragoza" (sp?). The quotation from Galileo was especially meaningful to me. So I searched for and visited your website. Your art is beautiful!

I was wondering, do you have any painting about women clergy in the Christian churches? My personal opinion is that the absence of female clergy serving at the altar leads people to the misconception that God is male-only (a tragedy, mercifully corrected by Rublev's Trinity icon). If and when time permits, please take a look at my newsletter on global issues of solidarity, sustainability, and nonviolence (links under my signature below).


Series on Nuptial Dimension of Sustainable Development

Part 1 - The Nuptial Covenant between Man and Woman

Part 2 - The Gift of Love and the Gift of Life

Part 3 - The Web of Love and the Web of Life

Part 4 - The Nuptial Covenant between Humanity and the Human Habitat


"The pelican is a legendary symbol of commitment to the service of others, especially those who are weak and most vulnerable to physical and/or psychological violence."

from, as mentioned in letter at left. -pb 8.5.08
   Your work is exquisite - full of warmth & reverence. Plus, I can tell you're all really nice people. :)

Thanks again, Fay Kline.
The order arrived today and I am absolutely delighted. Thank you so much for your follow through on this. Yes, indeed, you will be hearing from us again in the near future. You have produced some very nice art. Also, please remember to let us know whenever you have developed new Brendan items.

Rev. Kevin+, WA
Pat, they are exquisite. You do such incredible work! I've got St. Brigid on a chain around my neck, and Goddesses Brigid on a wood and silver necklace outside my shirt.

Brightest blessings
Peter, KY
Genesius Neckchain/keychain arrived today and I was thrilled. It is just what I had wanted, and it looks super on the beaded chain. I really appreciate the extra time you took to put the icon on a chain, it's so great! I also love the silver chain you included, it wasn't necessary but will be worn THANK YOU. I liked everything so much that I decided to keep it for myself, and find another birthday gift.
I definitely will order from you in the future, and recommend you to my friends.
Thanks again, and good luck with your business
John, TN
She absolutly loves [Archangel Michael necklace]. Thank you thank you thank :)

Marci, CA
Dear Patricia,
[Melangell] is just beautiful!! I just love it so much. You really did capture the legend in that painting. I will eagerly look forward to what you offer of the finished product in the form of a poster, pendant, etc. Please do let me know when it is finished and available? I have wanted something like this of her for so long. I first heard of her legend from John Doan, Master of the Twenty String Harp Guitar---when he told it on stage. He told the legend in his Celtic Pilgrimage Concert and then played the piece he had composed called "The Hunter and the Hare". It's on his CD "Wayfarer---Ancient Paths to Sacred Places". He, also, composed a piece called "Run to Sanctuary" on the same CD. He wrote those when he visited her Shrine in Wales in the late ninties. He and his wife, Deirdra, and I have become friends over the years now. I know he'll be interested in seeing your painting when it's finished.

It is such a beautiful painting and such a tribute to St. Melangell.

I'll be waiting for your sign that it's ready to purchase.

Joy and Peace,


Coming soon:


of Wales;
patron of rabbits
and small animals.
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